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New live coding project 2: a day of fiddling

Posted by Gasten on December 4, 2007

(read the first post here)

I’d love to write more, but I’m too tired. Some of the results from todays fiddling is pasted at the end.

Boy, isn’t Scheme well suited for live coding? It’s very algorithmic, and you can develop fast and abstract. And it’s the most beautiful language out there (is in looking at code as if it was a picture)!

Boy, isn’t Scheme badly suited for live coding. It’s a pain to write, a pain to read, and hell of a pain to debug!

Was a lot harder than I expected, but I managed to hack a cool script for my Xbox360 which will ease joysticking. Pasted below.

I’ve also started to swap the keyboard-controls to joystick-control in the asteroids-example. Unfortunally I managed to break it a little a couple of minutes ago, so you will have to live without it for now.
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New live coding project

Posted by Gasten on December 4, 2007

Started to play around with Fluxus late last week. It’s absolutely great! I thought 3D-graphics was a lot harder than it really is (well, ok, both OpenGL and Fluxus takes lot of the blows. Glad I can fiddle around in 3D-space without brainfucking things like garbage collection).

Pretty soon I realized what I wanted to do: a abstract 3D-game that triggers sounds when stuff happens in-game (a bit like this by AlgoMantra). Also, and this is the exciting part, it should be livecoded as the player is playing.

I Haven’t really worked out all the details, but I Imagen it as a very bare-boned space-shooter (there is a asteroids-demo in the examples-directory which I’m gonna gut), that just got the very basic: joystick-support, it draws the gfx, and sends osc to something like puredata (it would be great if the audio would be livecoded as well). As the performance progress the coder will add more graphic, change the existing stuff, and manipulate the rules of both the game and physics. It should progress from some early 80’s tech-demo to some kind of Geometry War 3D-clone.

Yes, I’m gonna get a joystick for this project. I’ve wanted to buy one when I started with Chuck, already. In fact, I already bought it. Understood yesterday that I were free from school today (lazy place) so I went ahead and bought a Xbox360-controller with USB-out. Compiled the drivers and stuff, and it works great! It’s a bit sensitive, and there is some axis-noise, but I can live with that (I just make my code less sensitive).

Oh, yeah: the controller-mapping is totally fuckup. I blame Microsoft.

My aim is to have something that runs later today (hopefully in a state which I can show you).

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Ontopic discussion

Posted by Gasten on November 27, 2007

It’s storm in the teacup again. I have no idea how it started (it might have been something about Novell and Gnome), but as all good discussions should, it’ve degenerated into pie-throwing. Fun. Gnome is just a ten year old project. Why should we expect discussions to be mature?

(Gasten is off to find someone who can lend him money for a train ticket home)

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Blood and gore fest

Posted by Gasten on November 8, 2007

Watched the Grindhouse-movies today. You know, Robert Rodriguez’ and Quentin Tarantino’s two splatter-flicks that’s supposed to be seen right after each other, even though they have nothing in common? I absolutely loved it! Sure, I can see why they didn’t do so well in the theatres; they aren’t exactly very mainstream. Especially since they should be seen together.

Well, what can I say about them? Nothing much really. Planet Terror was a gory zombie-film and Death Proof was about a guy who where killing people with his car for fun. They held what they promised: there was blood and gore (in Planet Terror, at least), they were bad (b-movies for the win!), and they did keep the promise of being just like shitty films in the 60/70’th (reels on fire/missing, anyone?).

On the other hand, I wasn’t scared at all (ok, a little: but I’m easily frightened so it doesn’t count, and I wasn’t as disgusted as I expected: When I watch movies like Saw and Hostel (also Tarantino), I usually feel extremely nauseous, but not in these (not even in the worst close-ups in Planet Terror). I guess I don’t like it when peoples are cut up with buzzsaws, but I can stand peoples (and zombies) heads getting blown apart, and bodies ripped in two (or more) pieces. I’m weird.

Also, did anyone notice how Tarantino the prologue was? I mean, those colours, the music, feet with painted toenails in focus… Anyone knew he was into feet?

Well, I liked them. I’m very inspired. Maybe I’ll a horror-themed tune sometimes soon? *searches freesounds for Screams and Chainsaws*

Ah, and the compo is going great, thanksforasking! Got a couple of songs already, and the cover-art is coming along nicely. But I still need you to send me material! Contact me however you want, but my mail is operagasten -_aT_- gmail _fly-shit_ com.

See ya!

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Chiptorrent founded

Posted by Gasten on November 5, 2007

Hello again. A tiny bit of time have passed, eh? What I’ve been up to? I’ll cut straight to it.

As you might (not) be aware of, I’m pretty into chip-style music (blip blop, track core, nes pop, gameboy beats, you name it) for quiet some time now. Since my last post, that interest have increased very much, and on many levels. This have made me pick up tracking again (mainly with Milkyracker, but Famitracker is cool too – even if it’s windows only (haven’t got it to work in wine – complains about DirectX Audio), and I hope to get into Nitrotracker for the DS too (when it got sample drawing). Maybe even LSDJ in the future).

I listened to and downloaded much chip music before too, but since I found 8BitCollective, I’ve had to limit myself so I wouldn’t fill up my drive completely (670 MB left!). In conjunction to this discovery I realised just how big the chip-community really was and I decided to realize an idea that I’ve had for quiet some time: found lofi netlabel.

And that’s what I’ve done. I present to you: Chiptorrent, a chippy netlabel that relies on the excellent bittorrent-protocol. The Chiptorrent releases will first and foremost be themed compilations where everyone can contribute material. Unlike other chip music labels, this label is not only for musicians but everyone who consider them self part of the chip and micromusic culture. This means that the ultimate Chiptorrent release will include both music, audio, pictures, ascii art, software, video clips, etcetera.

Chiptorrent’s fist release will be a reaction to a pretty controversial manifesto by Ignatz (aka Neotericz, and other) where he declear chip music dead since mainstream is approaching the culture more and more. This have released in several big discussions and manifestos. There have also been a couple of compilations on the theme, but there seems to be enough air for one more – I’ve already gotten a few submitions which looks great.

Stuff have happened, take care

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Vim-tip #1

Posted by Gasten on August 22, 2007

Whenever I find a new cool way of doing things in vim, I’ll post them here. First, I would like to show you how you can get pasted text ‘dented in the way you want.

Say that you got a piece of code on a website or somewhere else which you need to paste into a new text-document (Or as I did in this example, I had to get the content of this chuck-file). You do as you always do: you mark the text you wish to copy, switch to Vim, insert mode, middle-click and !!!! Chockhorror! Total fsckup!

// step generator, zero crossing detector, dac
Step s => ZeroX z => dac;
1.0 => float v;

// infnite time-loop
while( true )
    // set the step value
        v => s.next;
            // change step value
                -v => v;
                    // advance time
                        100::ms => now;

What now? Dedent manually? Yes, almost... But try this: put your courser on the 'dent-level you desire, and type dw. Look! The first alpha-numeric character in the line will appear under your courser! Cool, huh?

Just something small, but nonetheless nifty!

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A decent text-editor

Posted by Gasten on August 20, 2007


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ambientic monotonic pieceus

Posted by Gasten on August 18, 2007

Yey! I’ve finished a piece! It’s a inspired a bit by Kraftwerks ‘Klingklang,’ even if mine isn’t deserved to be mentioned in the same sentence as Kraftwerks … track.

What started out as a test of a theory about how you could use ChucK’s spork-keyword to trigger notes, but still have plenty of room for per-sample synthesis, turned out to be an exercise in FM synthesis, reverb controlling, arrays, and on using BPM as a timer: all of which I have wanted to play around with.
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