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The Awesome

Posted by Gasten on August 17, 2007

You know what would be awesome (a Zeppelin full of ninja-pirates excluded)? If the Gnome-team, as a celebration of the 10th year anniversary, would publish the current SVN-snapshot as a hard cover book! That would be a great historical document! How cool wouldn’t it be to have “The Gnome Code” on your shelf?

by the way, the picture is stolen. Thanks Jeff, hope you don’t mind!

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Bend that tone over!

Posted by Gasten on July 4, 2007

Woho (or as we say on the internet: w00t)! Some days ago (been to busy to post), I finally managed to bend a tone on my harmonica! w00t!

Ok, so inhaling hole 5, I went from F down to E! Yes! Finally! I can’t really tell you how why it’s so hard, but well… I dunno. If you try to bend a tone, you’ll feel the difficulty too.

And bended tones are so cool! A harmonica are designed to play different notes when you inhale and exhale in different holes. When you bend a tone, you shape your tongue so the air does a loop inside your mouth and then enters the harmonica again, making the small flaps inside it move slower, thus creating a new tone. That’s not the cool part. It’s the new sound that’s cool! It’s like.. rougher and contains more harmonics. It sounds a bit like when you blow in many holes at the same time. You are supposed to move your tongue back into your mouth very far, and first, the sound volume gets lower and lower when you cut the airway from your lungs, and then, when you think you have it right and the sound have stopped, you increase the amount of air, and get a new beautiful tone and harmonic!


(to bad it don’t have MIDI-support…)

On other notice, the past week I’ve been helping the Ubuntu BugSquad in their bug triaging. So, I hope to see y’all on tomorrows Ubuntu Hug Day! Keep the bug reports coming!

see you,

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