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My videos on a tube near you!

Posted by Gasten on February 5, 2008

Hello. Just calling in to let you know that I was out shooting a concert last Friday night for a local hard rock group. They were awesome, and I got a great deal of good material out of it. Edited it yesterday (didn’t have to do like.. anything, really. Split it in three parts, add some gamma correction and an itty bitty bit of proc amp, and some fades. Easy) and now, the first tow parts are up (exporting the third part fscked up, so I’ll do that tomorrow).


EDIT: And the last one.

Check them out:

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Desprately trying to find other things than my homework to do.

Posted by Gasten on January 28, 2008

Mathemelodies or Melomathics?

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Chiptorrent founded

Posted by Gasten on November 5, 2007

Hello again. A tiny bit of time have passed, eh? What I’ve been up to? I’ll cut straight to it.

As you might (not) be aware of, I’m pretty into chip-style music (blip blop, track core, nes pop, gameboy beats, you name it) for quiet some time now. Since my last post, that interest have increased very much, and on many levels. This have made me pick up tracking again (mainly with Milkyracker, but Famitracker is cool too – even if it’s windows only (haven’t got it to work in wine – complains about DirectX Audio), and I hope to get into Nitrotracker for the DS too (when it got sample drawing). Maybe even LSDJ in the future).

I listened to and downloaded much chip music before too, but since I found 8BitCollective, I’ve had to limit myself so I wouldn’t fill up my drive completely (670 MB left!). In conjunction to this discovery I realised just how big the chip-community really was and I decided to realize an idea that I’ve had for quiet some time: found lofi netlabel.

And that’s what I’ve done. I present to you: Chiptorrent, a chippy netlabel that relies on the excellent bittorrent-protocol. The Chiptorrent releases will first and foremost be themed compilations where everyone can contribute material. Unlike other chip music labels, this label is not only for musicians but everyone who consider them self part of the chip and micromusic culture. This means that the ultimate Chiptorrent release will include both music, audio, pictures, ascii art, software, video clips, etcetera.

Chiptorrent’s fist release will be a reaction to a pretty controversial manifesto by Ignatz (aka Neotericz, and other) where he declear chip music dead since mainstream is approaching the culture more and more. This have released in several big discussions and manifestos. There have also been a couple of compilations on the theme, but there seems to be enough air for one more – I’ve already gotten a few submitions which looks great.

Stuff have happened, take care

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ambientic monotonic pieceus

Posted by Gasten on August 18, 2007

Yey! I’ve finished a piece! It’s a inspired a bit by Kraftwerks ‘Klingklang,’ even if mine isn’t deserved to be mentioned in the same sentence as Kraftwerks … track.

What started out as a test of a theory about how you could use ChucK’s spork-keyword to trigger notes, but still have plenty of room for per-sample synthesis, turned out to be an exercise in FM synthesis, reverb controlling, arrays, and on using BPM as a timer: all of which I have wanted to play around with.
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Bend that tone over!

Posted by Gasten on July 4, 2007

Woho (or as we say on the internet: w00t)! Some days ago (been to busy to post), I finally managed to bend a tone on my harmonica! w00t!

Ok, so inhaling hole 5, I went from F down to E! Yes! Finally! I can’t really tell you how why it’s so hard, but well… I dunno. If you try to bend a tone, you’ll feel the difficulty too.

And bended tones are so cool! A harmonica are designed to play different notes when you inhale and exhale in different holes. When you bend a tone, you shape your tongue so the air does a loop inside your mouth and then enters the harmonica again, making the small flaps inside it move slower, thus creating a new tone. That’s not the cool part. It’s the new sound that’s cool! It’s like.. rougher and contains more harmonics. It sounds a bit like when you blow in many holes at the same time. You are supposed to move your tongue back into your mouth very far, and first, the sound volume gets lower and lower when you cut the airway from your lungs, and then, when you think you have it right and the sound have stopped, you increase the amount of air, and get a new beautiful tone and harmonic!


(to bad it don’t have MIDI-support…)

On other notice, the past week I’ve been helping the Ubuntu BugSquad in their bug triaging. So, I hope to see y’all on tomorrows Ubuntu Hug Day! Keep the bug reports coming!

see you,

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