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Punk computing

Posted by Gasten on March 26, 2008

This came down the HPR pipe a couple of days ago. Listened today. Thought I should share.

Punk computing.

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Charles stross on the future of GNU

Posted by Gasten on January 17, 2008

I’m reading this book, Singularity Sky by Charles Stross (Great book. Read it!). It’s a Hard Sci-fi set in a distant future.

Stross have mentioned a number of brands, scientists and organizations that we have today – Einstein, IBM, Dion, the UN to name a few.

Today I stumbled upon a passage that indicated to the reader that one of the main characters were some sort of member or supporter of a organization called “Free Hardware Foundation” and were GNU Couturier number 15.6.

Apparently the software is free, and the FSF is unnecessary. They are still working on free hardware, though. Actually, in the beginning of the book, the Chief Engineer is a bit worried about a couple of black boxes that he isn’t allowed to take apart which’s being installed on his ship.

On the frist page you can read that the author got a grad in Computer science and have been working as a software engineer, so it’s not all that unlikely that he is a bit of a free software guy. Nice.


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The Awesome

Posted by Gasten on August 17, 2007

You know what would be awesome (a Zeppelin full of ninja-pirates excluded)? If the Gnome-team, as a celebration of the 10th year anniversary, would publish the current SVN-snapshot as a hard cover book! That would be a great historical document! How cool wouldn’t it be to have “The Gnome Code” on your shelf?

by the way, the picture is stolen. Thanks Jeff, hope you don’t mind!

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Link of the week (29-07)

Posted by Gasten on July 18, 2007

It first appeared here, but this article describes it much better. Read that first before continuing here.

Every sensible user must see how this is bad. a really bad bad thing. Sure, they haven’t said they’ll do it, but since they are getting a patent they will either use it, or prohibit others from taking advantage of it. And when you think about it; only Microsoft would be able to pull it off, so the latter reason isn’t really any good reason.

So where does that leaves us, the Linux users? Well, I for one is relieved that I’ve gotten off the Windows-train. Now we just need to help the others. The worst part is probably that we now can use a argument that I never thought about:

Linux — Free in all three senses: Free as in beer, free is in freedom of speech, and free as in free from ads

I don’t know what to say.

Ah, yes. I will try to run a article series where I present a new link every week. Or, well, it wont be every week, but anyways. A article with a similar name will appear.

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Sad, so sad…

Posted by Gasten on July 4, 2007

It was a great initiative. Big and powerful companies is really big and powerful.

What happened to Show Us the Code?

What’s worse is that in the Show-Us-the-Code-Message, the author pledged to the big-guys in the Open Source-community to publicly state their support. This is what happened:

Linspire was contact and Kevin Carmony did reply. He stated he would need to check with Linspire’s legal team to see where they stand. Of course as we’ve seen them team up with the litigators rather than the innovators, we now know where that camp stands, but Kevin was the only major name that did reply.

That’s f*cking awful! I mean, the campaign haven’t been very invisible. Couldn’t people like Mark Shuttleworth and Richard Stallman at least show their support? Where the hell are our community going, when we are led by people who don’t want to (can’t?) reach out to the public if they don’t have any agreements (personal or economical) with whom they are supporting? How the heck should we get people in the proprietary world to start caring for open source, when we – who’s life evolves around this single idea – can’t even care enough to write something simple as “What XXXX is doing is great. Support him.”

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What you do with things you don’t need.

Posted by Gasten on June 26, 2007

This’ll be a short one.

In the middle of our garden, we got a cherry tree. We usually get loads of cherries from it, but this year we got much less than usual. So, instead of digging out the old net we’ve used to keep the birds of our cherries, I made a bunch of scarecrows out of old cds.
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HD-DVD fiasco

Posted by Gasten on May 17, 2007

You all know what’ve happened. If not, read this.
I know, I know. I’m late. Anyway, this is how I participate in this revolution:
Tux holding The Code

I know it’s bad, but Please post it all over the internet.

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