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[NOTE: This text is heavily outdated. I’ll redo it when I feel like it.]


My name is Martin Ahnelöv. I go under the nickname Gasten in pretty much every community I get involved in and for those who doesn’t know: gasten means “the poltergeist” in Swedish (yes, I’m a Sweed). Thereby the name of this blog.

What am I supposed to do? Well, Since I’m very interessted in games, and preferebly how they are designed, I’m going to rant about just that: Independent Game Design.

So, what is Independent Game Design? Well, it is games. Du’h. Ok, games that wouldn’t make it in commercially. We are talking really small games here.

My first experience with indie-games (as I prefer to call them) were the indie-rpgs from the Forge. The game which hooked me first were the rpg InSpectres where you play as ghosthunters similar to those in the Ghostbusters-movies. I played it at GothCon (Swedens biggest convention), and I were astonished: we met this guy who should GM it for us, and he just sat down, tought us the rules, helped us create characters, created the adventure (!), and run it. IN LESS THAN AN HOUR!

Well, that’s the type of games I’m gonna write. Quick to learn and set up, fast to run, and with no or small preparation time. I like that.

To conclude:
On this page I’ll publicate my thoughts about stuff (priorizing games). I will publicate the stuff i write, and the stuff I would like to write. This will be like Gasten’s thinking dumbster.

Kepp the peace,

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