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oscjoy/fluxus project update

Posted by Gasten on December 10, 2007

I’ve managed to get my xbox360-controller to work with fluxus in a
effective manner by modifying the gamepad-script (read here), but it struck me that
I would have to do this modification to all fluxus-programs I want to
use. That’s more hassle than I can handle.

Therefore I contacted Jeremy Friesner who’s developing oscjoy (I’m using oscjoy to interface with my joystick),
and asked him if he could add axis and button-remapping to the program.
He could, and I’ve already tested the initial build, and it works great.
(It’s not yet up on the homepage, but Jeremy said that he should add it
in a week or so.)

So, there you got it. Solved The Proper Way. The open source model really works!

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