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New live coding project

Posted by Gasten on December 4, 2007

Started to play around with Fluxus late last week. It’s absolutely great! I thought 3D-graphics was a lot harder than it really is (well, ok, both OpenGL and Fluxus takes lot of the blows. Glad I can fiddle around in 3D-space without brainfucking things like garbage collection).

Pretty soon I realized what I wanted to do: a abstract 3D-game that triggers sounds when stuff happens in-game (a bit like this by AlgoMantra). Also, and this is the exciting part, it should be livecoded as the player is playing.

I Haven’t really worked out all the details, but I Imagen it as a very bare-boned space-shooter (there is a asteroids-demo in the examples-directory which I’m gonna gut), that just got the very basic: joystick-support, it draws the gfx, and sends osc to something like puredata (it would be great if the audio would be livecoded as well). As the performance progress the coder will add more graphic, change the existing stuff, and manipulate the rules of both the game and physics. It should progress from some early 80’s tech-demo to some kind of Geometry War 3D-clone.

Yes, I’m gonna get a joystick for this project. I’ve wanted to buy one when I started with Chuck, already. In fact, I already bought it. Understood yesterday that I were free from school today (lazy place) so I went ahead and bought a Xbox360-controller with USB-out. Compiled the drivers and stuff, and it works great! It’s a bit sensitive, and there is some axis-noise, but I can live with that (I just make my code less sensitive).

Oh, yeah: the controller-mapping is totally fuckup. I blame Microsoft.

My aim is to have something that runs later today (hopefully in a state which I can show you).


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