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Blood and gore fest

Posted by Gasten on November 8, 2007

Watched the Grindhouse-movies today. You know, Robert Rodriguez’ and Quentin Tarantino’s two splatter-flicks that’s supposed to be seen right after each other, even though they have nothing in common? I absolutely loved it! Sure, I can see why they didn’t do so well in the theatres; they aren’t exactly very mainstream. Especially since they should be seen together.

Well, what can I say about them? Nothing much really. Planet Terror was a gory zombie-film and Death Proof was about a guy who where killing people with his car for fun. They held what they promised: there was blood and gore (in Planet Terror, at least), they were bad (b-movies for the win!), and they did keep the promise of being just like shitty films in the 60/70’th (reels on fire/missing, anyone?).

On the other hand, I wasn’t scared at all (ok, a little: but I’m easily frightened so it doesn’t count, and I wasn’t as disgusted as I expected: When I watch movies like Saw and Hostel (also Tarantino), I usually feel extremely nauseous, but not in these (not even in the worst close-ups in Planet Terror). I guess I don’t like it when peoples are cut up with buzzsaws, but I can stand peoples (and zombies) heads getting blown apart, and bodies ripped in two (or more) pieces. I’m weird.

Also, did anyone notice how Tarantino the prologue was? I mean, those colours, the music, feet with painted toenails in focus… Anyone knew he was into feet?

Well, I liked them. I’m very inspired. Maybe I’ll a horror-themed tune sometimes soon? *searches freesounds for Screams and Chainsaws*

Ah, and the compo is going great, thanksforasking! Got a couple of songs already, and the cover-art is coming along nicely. But I still need you to send me material! Contact me however you want, but my mail is operagasten -_aT_- gmail _fly-shit_ com.

See ya!


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