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Vim-tip #1

Posted by Gasten on August 22, 2007

Whenever I find a new cool way of doing things in vim, I’ll post them here. First, I would like to show you how you can get pasted text ‘dented in the way you want.

Say that you got a piece of code on a website or somewhere else which you need to paste into a new text-document (Or as I did in this example, I had to get the content of this chuck-file). You do as you always do: you mark the text you wish to copy, switch to Vim, insert mode, middle-click and !!!! Chockhorror! Total fsckup!

// step generator, zero crossing detector, dac
Step s => ZeroX z => dac;
1.0 => float v;

// infnite time-loop
while( true )
    // set the step value
        v => s.next;
            // change step value
                -v => v;
                    // advance time
                        100::ms => now;

What now? Dedent manually? Yes, almost... But try this: put your courser on the 'dent-level you desire, and type dw. Look! The first alpha-numeric character in the line will appear under your courser! Cool, huh?

Just something small, but nonetheless nifty!

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A decent text-editor

Posted by Gasten on August 20, 2007


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ambientic monotonic pieceus

Posted by Gasten on August 18, 2007

Yey! I’ve finished a piece! It’s a inspired a bit by Kraftwerks ‘Klingklang,’ even if mine isn’t deserved to be mentioned in the same sentence as Kraftwerks … track.

What started out as a test of a theory about how you could use ChucK’s spork-keyword to trigger notes, but still have plenty of room for per-sample synthesis, turned out to be an exercise in FM synthesis, reverb controlling, arrays, and on using BPM as a timer: all of which I have wanted to play around with.
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The Awesome

Posted by Gasten on August 17, 2007

You know what would be awesome (a Zeppelin full of ninja-pirates excluded)? If the Gnome-team, as a celebration of the 10th year anniversary, would publish the current SVN-snapshot as a hard cover book! That would be a great historical document! How cool wouldn’t it be to have “The Gnome Code” on your shelf?

by the way, the picture is stolen. Thanks Jeff, hope you don’t mind!

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