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Posted by Gasten on July 18, 2007

It first appeared here, but this article describes it much better. Read that first before continuing here.

Every sensible user must see how this is bad. a really bad bad thing. Sure, they haven’t said they’ll do it, but since they are getting a patent they will either use it, or prohibit others from taking advantage of it. And when you think about it; only Microsoft would be able to pull it off, so the latter reason isn’t really any good reason.

So where does that leaves us, the Linux users? Well, I for one is relieved that I’ve gotten off the Windows-train. Now we just need to help the others. The worst part is probably that we now can use a argument that I never thought about:

Linux — Free in all three senses: Free as in beer, free is in freedom of speech, and free as in free from ads

I don’t know what to say.

Ah, yes. I will try to run a article series where I present a new link every week. Or, well, it wont be every week, but anyways. A article with a similar name will appear.


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