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Sad, so sad…

Posted by Gasten on July 4, 2007

It was a great initiative. Big and powerful companies is really big and powerful.

What happened to Show Us the Code?

What’s worse is that in the Show-Us-the-Code-Message, the author pledged to the big-guys in the Open Source-community to publicly state their support. This is what happened:

Linspire was contact and Kevin Carmony did reply. He stated he would need to check with Linspire’s legal team to see where they stand. Of course as we’ve seen them team up with the litigators rather than the innovators, we now know where that camp stands, but Kevin was the only major name that did reply.

That’s f*cking awful! I mean, the campaign haven’t been very invisible. Couldn’t people like Mark Shuttleworth and Richard Stallman at least show their support? Where the hell are our community going, when we are led by people who don’t want to (can’t?) reach out to the public if they don’t have any agreements (personal or economical) with whom they are supporting? How the heck should we get people in the proprietary world to start caring for open source, when we – who’s life evolves around this single idea – can’t even care enough to write something simple as “What XXXX is doing is great. Support him.”


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