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A walk in the valley of bugs and quirks

Posted by Gasten on June 23, 2007

Okay, so when I got bored of Dyne:bolic and pure:dyne (mostly because there weren’t the flora of software that I were looking for, and I’m not that keen on compiling dependencies), I started too look for something else.

I found Musix. Musix is great, but that isn’t what I’m gonna talk about. Instead I’m tell you a little about some problems I found when dealing with amSynth. It’s a really great soft synth that I’ve wanted to try for a long time.

However, amSynth got some really annoying bugs and quirks that you’ll stumble upon very quickly – and which can turn it into a very unpleasant experience. I’m gonna walk you through those I found and solved the two hours I were playing.

Okay, so the first thing you might notice when you start fiddling with the controllers of a new preset is a small sound artefact in the shape of a click when you release your key. I, and others who have experienced it, believes that it exist due to high Jack-latency. It’s solved by increasing the amplitude’s release time (on the ADSR-panel to the upper right, not the lowpass in the middle) to some thing higher than 0.0001 (it’s different on different machines due to it’s latency-relation. Some people report it good on 0.0005, I am ok at something like 0.0015).

Now, the next thing you’ll notice is the way you save things. After clicking New Preset in the Preset-menu (I think) you get a preset named New Preset. It doesn’t appear in the preset-bank, and you cant rename it by marking the text and typing, as expected. The reason it isn’t shown in the bank is because it got a too general name (“New Preset”). To rename it, you have to go to the preset-menu and press Rename, and type the new name. now it’ll appear in the bank. Don’t forget to save and back up the bank when exiting.

There is still some things I haven’t solved (which probably requires source-diving ad redesign of UI). I would like the UI to have one window, instead of opening many instances, where every instrument you want to use gets a tab. This would mean that instead of connecting every instance to your sequencer, you just connect amSynth, and then made the instruments acces different Midi-channels – much like ZynAddSubFX does. But I think I can get used to it anyway.

Keep the hats up,


4 Responses to “A walk in the valley of bugs and quirks”

  1. hello. i noticed you spelled “dependent” and “independent” wrong in your subtitle.

  2. Gasten said


    well, thanks. Happens all the time.


  3. hi gasten. thanks for letting me know about how to report a mature site. so your webpage here is about computers and games? i don’t know anything about them, heh.

  4. Gasten said

    Computers and games, yes. Mostly. Or rather, everything around computers and games. And music.

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