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What you do with things you don’t need.

Posted by Gasten on June 26, 2007

This’ll be a short one.

In the middle of our garden, we got a cherry tree. We usually get loads of cherries from it, but this year we got much less than usual. So, instead of digging out the old net we’ve used to keep the birds of our cherries, I made a bunch of scarecrows out of old cds.
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A walk in the valley of bugs and quirks

Posted by Gasten on June 23, 2007

Okay, so when I got bored of Dyne:bolic and pure:dyne (mostly because there weren’t the flora of software that I were looking for, and I’m not that keen on compiling dependencies), I started too look for something else.

I found Musix. Musix is great, but that isn’t what I’m gonna talk about. Instead I’m tell you a little about some problems I found when dealing with amSynth. It’s a really great soft synth that I’ve wanted to try for a long time.

However, amSynth got some really annoying bugs and quirks that you’ll stumble upon very quickly – and which can turn it into a very unpleasant experience. I’m gonna walk you through those I found and solved the two hours I were playing.
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