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Retro movie-feel

Posted by Gasten on May 27, 2007

Some week ago, I watched the new Bond-movie Casino Royal (pretty good, but not a Bond). Since I’m a cheap bastard I got a pirated copy from a guy I know who is a file-sharing guru. And since, as we all know, it were pirated, it were in a pretty bad shape. Probably a first time decoding job for someone.

The encoder/decoder had managed to delete all the extras and every but one 5.1 Dolby-channel. I don’t mind the extra, And I can even live with bad quality video, but when you fuck with the audio, you fuck with me.

However, it ended up OK. He were running the movie’s bass-channel through the treble-speaker, and together with the pre 70’th-setting, it turned out really cool. It sounded like the old movies did. The only time where it lacked were in the gunfights, but since there were very few of that kind, I weren’t disappointed.

I’ll definitely remember this trick :)


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