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It is all wrong! And update!

Posted by Gasten on October 22, 2006

Okay, I have accepted a failure with my graph game i wrote about earlier. It is boring. And there isn’t much to do about it. I’ve tested two players on one A4-paper, three players on the same, and I hardly think it’ll be much more exciting on a smaller game-board. *sob*

What to do now? I’ll keep testing it on smaller maps, just to make sure it isn’t fun (heh…), and in the meantime I should finish that detective-game I started on this summer. I’ll also keep thinking about that Game master-switching-game that’s about to grow a little old.

Ah, and I’ve got Soldat (my all-time favourite computer-game) to work perfectly on my Windows-machine! Lots of killing now.

And next week (week 44) I’ll go to Rome. And I got elected to go to Krakow (How do I spell it? You know, the city in Poland, with that famous destroying-camp I cant spell? Auswitch?) in my school. Or not exactly elected: Chosen at random. But It feels better to say that I were elected :)

I’m so happy.


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