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A new graph paper-game.

Posted by Gasten on September 16, 2006

In this post, I’m gonna present one of my most recent creations. Well, it ain’t done yet because I spotted a flaw in when I were playtesting it, and now I’m gonna show it to you and ask for some feedback.

This is a boardgame that should be played by 2-4 people on a graph paper (you know, the one you use in mathematics: with all the squares on?). It start with every player chooses a symbol to represent herself on the paper. It could, for example, be an X and an O if there is two players. Now everyone draws their symbol in square somewhere on the paper. Then the game begins.

Your goal is to trap the other players so they can’t move. The last player who can move wins.

On every turn you should do two things:

  1. Draw a 0-4 squares long and straight line in any direction (not diagonally) from your symbol.
  2. Draw your symbol at the end of the line (if your line is 3 squares long, you draw the symbol on square 4. If the line are 0 squares long, you simply draw the symbol next to the first one).

When you have done your first turn, you’ll have two symbols with a line connecting them. On your next turn you’ll have to choose which end you want to draw the line from. After your third turn you’ll have three symbols which are connected in a series by two lines. Now you may choose one of the ends to draw the line from, but not the connector in the middle. It pretty much becomes a snake.

And now, my problem, the flaw. I have only tested the game with two players, but I am sure that you (with a little effort) could do the same with three of rour players.

Say that both players (in a game with two players) looses one of their ends. One of them is going to start flee, and the other will chase after. It doesn’t matter how they turn or bend: since they can move the same amounts of squares they just have to copy eachother. Sooner or later they will end up (if none of the players end the game by doing a intentionally stupid move) to have crossed the paper and (with some logic thinking from your side) the game will end in a draw.

I don’t want that. I want this game to be exiting/thrilling/tactical even if you loose an end. I have some ideas like allowing a player to remove a connecting line and get more snakes; allowing the player to draw the line from any of his connectors, and stuff like that. But they all changes the game in fundamental ways, and I don’t really like that. And when I think about it: they will also make the game much harder to win, and it’ll take longer to play (not good or bad, just different).

So, comments? Suggestions? Feedback?

Gasten – going to playtest those new ideas soon.


3 Responses to “A new graph paper-game.”

  1. I don’t understand how you lose the game. You’re not allowed to cross any lines, right, like in Snakes? Or are you allowed position your next mark on the other side of your own line or another player’s line?

    If you lose by colliding with a line you could limit the play area by drawing thick lines around it. If you collide with a wall you’re dead, and also if you collide with yourself or another player’s line. That way you can’t flee off the map and you will be able to corner the opponents, right?

    Or have I completely missed how the game’s played?

  2. Gasten said

    Or have I completely missed how the game’s played?

    No, you haven’t. Thou, you don’t actually lose when you touch a wall, you lose when you can’t move anymore. And yes, You can’t cross any lines.

    I’ll playtest some new ideas I got from Rising on rollspel.nu, including smaller maps, teleportation and looping maps (like in Snake 2).

  3. […] A new graph paper-game. […]

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